Portable Suction Device

unnamed-1According to the Royal College of Dental Surgeons, this is one of the most-used auxiliary powered backups for suction. Powered by a rechargeable battery pack, wall outlet, or 12V DC vehicle source, it can be used as a battery backup for sedation dentistry. This portable dental suction unit features adjustable 80-550 mmHg vacuum range and an 800cc waste canister with float shut-off, and it packs into its carrying case when it is no longer needed.

Making a significant impact on the overall health of the people in the highlands of Guatemala.Sonrisa Immaculata

Powered via rechargeable battery pack, wall outlet or 12 VDC vehicle source
Recharge battery via 110 to 220 V wall outlet or 12 VDC car lighter power adapter (included)
Adjustable 80 – 550 mm Hg vacuum range
Includes padded carrying case
800 cc waste canister with float shut-off

Portable Suction Donation
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